What is a Meteorite?  

The Meteorite is the first product from Astronoma that we are launching, with a soft launch in December and a full state launch in January 2018.  The Meteorite is a .5-.7g bud that is marinated in .5g of terpene infused distillate and then drenched in flower crystals (kief).  


How is the Meteorite different from other combined products on the market?

The Meteorite is one of the first fully-compliant combined products on the Oregon market.  Our team worked directly with the OLCC to confirm the correct testing methodologies for a combined product and then worked tirelessly with Green Leaf Labs for months to confirm time and again we could precisely duplicate the product.  Combined products are required to use products that have been tested individually for moisture, potency, and pesticide prior to being combined into a final product.  The final product (Meteorite) is then tested for potency (just like other ‘products’ on the market such as edibles and topicals).  A control study is required on the product whereas the product must meet a level of homogeneity across all the products in the batch.  We believe there are many ‘combined products’ on the market currently, but none that are correctly testing the products for a finished product potency.  

In order to make sure we were able to duplicate results time and again, it is critical that each bud is the same weight, that exactly .5g of oil is injected into each bud and that they are carefully weighed before and after to confirm they meet tolerances.  Not an easy task, and a very time consuming one at best!


How potent is it?

The Meteorite has a whopping 500mg of THC in each individual drenched bud.  They are POTENT.  And FUN!!!  And consistent!  


Is a Meteorite different from a Moon Rock?

YES!  Moon Rocks are dipped (or soaked) in oil, often in CO2 oil with the oil permeating the product from the exterior.  If dipped, the product is not going to be homogenous across a product batch as you can’t assure that the exact same amount of oil is applied. 

Through a proprietary method, we have developed a way to marinate the bud fully with a precise amount of clear, terpene infused, distillate such that the oil is soaked through the bud entirely.  This is important as it creates a uniform product that can not only pass Oregon’s strict control study testing rules, but creates a consistent product experience that can be dosed effectively from the package testing results and usage guidelines….the ultimate goal, right?   


Is the Meteorite strain specific?

The Meteorite itself is not fully strain specific, but each product does list the specific strain of flower used and ALL Meteorites are fully  Indica/Hybrid/Sativa specific.  


What about testing? 

The test results you see on packaging reflect the total THC/CBD in mg as well as the THC/CBD in mg/g.  The results are presented in mg’s rather than a percentage (like you see in flower) due to the testing methodology that the state outlined for ‘Products’...remember that once we make a ‘combined product’ from raw material (flower/oil), it now requires separate product testing (and can only be made from products that were fully tested individually prior to being combined).   

We think it’s a useful tool for consumers to know the total amount of THC in mg so they can most effectively use the product (a little goes a LONG WAY!)…ie, approximately 1/4 of the Meteorite is 125mg of THC.


What is the recommended consumption method for the Meteorite?

The Meteorite is truly an ‘Out of this WORLD experience’!  We have included an operations manual in each box to help users have the best experience.  We highly recommend sharing the ride with a friend (or two), using a bong or pipe, and only heating the amount you wish to consume in one sitting.  Enjoy the ride! 


Where does the material come from?

In our continued commitment to quality, sustainability and bringing product ‘seed to table’, we are proud to bring a product to the market that we have lovingly grown on our farm and that uses the ‘full plant’ to create the product.  Our CGS farm grows the flower that makes the nugs, the trim (for distillate), and the kief. Our partners at Precison Alchemy then take the trim from plants and create beautiful distillate.  Combined we are proud to say that we have seen all stages of this beautiful plant and are delighted to bring a product to the market that can combine all three in one lovely experience.